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                      Haina Laser Brings Multiple Star Products to the 2022 China International Packaging Industry Exhibition

                      Release time:2023-09-14 Author: Haina visits:116
                      Exhibition Review | Haina Laser Brings Multiple Star Products to the 2022 China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Heiner laser Heiner laser WeChat signal gh_276059137bcc Function Introductio

                      Exhibition Review | Haina Laser Brings Multiple Star Products to the 2022 China International Packaging Industry Exhibition

                      Heiner laser 2022-03-10 12:10


                      On March 4-6, 2022, the 28th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition successfully concluded in Guangzhou。


                      This exhibition comprehensively runs through the printing and packaging industry chain and terminal applications, providing enterprises with a "one-stop" procurement platform for printing, labeling, packaging, and packaging products. Bringing together leading and comprehensive intelligent printing and packaging technologies both domestically and internationally, helping printing and packaging enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency。

                      Haina Laser, as a marking enterprise with 6 years of experience in researching and developing inkjet printers, provides intelligent, stable, and green inkjet solutions to many domestic enterprises, effectively assisting them in reducing production costs and improving production efficiency。

                      This time, Haina Laser, with a brand new image and multiple star products, appeared at the exhibition. Together with many outstanding peers, it showcased the advanced intelligent products in the industry to attendees, popularized the environmentally friendly inkjet printing concept, and promoted the green and sustainable development of the industry。



                      Focus on Hall 10.1, Booth H09


                      Haina Laser is located at booth H09 in Hall 10.1 of the International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Zone B). Through a new brand image, new products, and new cooperation models, visitors will feel a new sense of inclusiveness。


                      The NF series fiber laser inkjet printer, HZ series ultraviolet laser inkjet printer and other star products exhibited by Haina this time have attracted many visitors to come for consultation。




                      Especially the newly developed patented product - carbon dioxide laser machine, with its unique design that solves dealer pain points, has attracted attention and attracted customers who consult and understand the product, constantly entering the exhibition area。
                      Through professional and detailed product introductions by staff and on-site display of usage effects, every person entering the exhibition area can intuitively experience Haina's product experience.



                      Currently, people are paying more and more attention to food safety, and the demand for green and sustainable development by enterprises is increasing. It is particularly important to scientifically and effectively provide customers with efficient and environmentally friendly products, as well as complete after-sales services.


                      As a pioneer in the era of laser coding, Haina starts from customer needs, solves the pain points of distributors and the worries of enterprises through technological innovation products and diversified services, achieves win-win cooperation, and allows every partner to feel Haina's enthusiasm and responsibility.



                      At this exhibition, Haina not only showcased a brand new Haina to the outside world, but also moved customers with professional technology and high-quality services, promoting multi-party cooperation. Effectively expanding the market and obtaining opportunities to engage with more distributors.


                      In the future, Haina will continue to focus on products and provide distributors with more diversified services, moving towards the vision of "making lasers in China and becoming Haina in the world".

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