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                      The domestic laser industry has entered high-end applications

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                      Due to historical reasons for modern development, China lags behind developed countries in terms of advanced industry and scientific technology. In the past few decades, China has experienced the deve

                      Due to historical reasons for modern development, China lags behind developed countries in terms of advanced industry and scientific technology. In the past few decades, China has experienced the development of monopoly, imitation, catching up, and breaking monopoly. At present, China has recovered "lost ground" in most industrial and technological fields, but in a few high-end areas, China's technology is still lacking. The main reason for this is that there is a certain gap in the accumulation of basic scientific research between China and foreign countries, which is related to the overall team and quality of scientific researchers. It still takes a lot of time to catch up.
                      Fortunately, the national level has long recognized the backwardness of China's key technologies and demanded that we quickly break free from the constraints of foreign countries. In January 2018, the State Council issued the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Comprehensively Strengthening Basic Scientific Research", which is the first programmatic document in China to clearly promote national basic research.



                      The emergence and application of laser technology have been going on for 60 years, but the actual scale application of laser processing in China has only been 20 years, especially the fastest development in the past 10 years. At present, the application of laser processing has developed to civilian use, popularization, and has penetrated into various industries. The current laser industry has made significant progress, ranging from core lasers to various laser processing equipment, to materials, devices, and various supporting products. Currently, domestic laser technology has achieved 40000 or even 50000 watts.
                      However, there are currently thousands of enterprises in the laser related industry in China, most of whom are engaged in low-end products, with homogeneous competition and fierce price competition. The competitive part is not only the low-tech part, but also includes core products such as lasers, cutting heads, and control systems. The price of laser processing equipment also has no bottom line. This competition has led to many companies sacrificing profits and deteriorating living conditions.
                      At present, many laser companies have realized that they are engaged in research and development, and are developing towards high-end applications. In the application terminal, high-end applications include aerospace, medical, precision instruments, precision machinery, consumer electronics, ultra precision machining, etc. High end laser application technology has high threshold, high technical difficulty, high investment, and high personnel research and development costs, which has deterred many enterprises.
                      However, only by investing more in the development of high-end laser applications can we be qualified to compete with top foreign technology products. Therefore, not only laser and processing equipment, but also supporting products, optical components, and other industry chain technologies should all reach a higher end.


                              One of the important manifestations of high-end laser applications is scientific research applications. Many new breakthroughs and applications in laser technology start from scientific research applications and gradually expand in industrial manufacturing and medical fields,For example, Haina's ultraviolet laser and fiber laser have high cost-effectiveness in terms of product usage environment, operating time, product stability, controllability, and lifespan.

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